12 Benefits of Using a Chatbot on Your Website

The world is changing rapidly and as technology develops you either have to adapt to it or get left behind. More and more human jobs are being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence and soon enough, it will happen to support jobs as well. One of the most powerful evidence to this is the rise of chatbots. You might have already had plenty of conversations with a company’s support specialist, without the idea of it being a bot ever crossing your mind. That’s simply because they work really well and they will only get better in the upcoming years.

When you look at Google, Alexa and Siri, you can get a solid idea of what’s waiting for us. No, I don’t mean the looming technological apocalypse, rather how chatbots will change the face of businesses and how we interact with them. A chatbot is simply a piece of software that is capable of understanding language and numerous methods of communication. You provide it with an input and it will produce a result.

What could this mean for your business? Well, to make it short and simple, a higher profitability. Chatbots are going to be the future of how we engage with customers. They already have numerous benefits which I’m going to outline in this article. So, without further ado, let’s get down to it!

Increased Usability

We’re pretty much used to getting the information we want and need as quickly as possible thanks to Google. Up until now we had to rely completely on its search engine, doing our best to communicate our needs in the simplest terms as we possibly can. But artificial intelligence takes things to the whole other level, since we can use a much more complex language and ask direct questions as we would from a human being.

This role was completely fulfilled by customer support representatives up until now, but they are only humans. They cannot multitask as well or reply as quickly. It can also be really frustrating for both customer and representative. While nothing can match up to a conversation with an actual human, chatbots provide answers much faster and much more efficiently. The quality and the information value of said response is consistent. Now, all the user has to do is converse with a bot as they normally would. Grasping the information one needs is quicker than ever and it doesn’t require them to browse a website or do anything more complex than just talking to a bot.

A Better Connection With Your Customers

About 92% of internet users are more satisfied after using live chat than any other form of communication. Emailing, calling someone by phone, using website contact forms and social media are all still important. But the level of a user’s engagement is much higher this way than with any other communication method. The level of engagement that live chat brings to the table has already won over the masses. Chatting with another human being is the best. Yet when it comes to people getting what they want right away, only a chatbot can oblige.

You can connect to your audience most effectively through interaction. This is why a business that constantly comments and replies to messages on social media is more successful. It seems more committed to its audience which attracts a loyal following that slowly converts into customers. About 65% of all customers are much more likely to spend more money at a company that has a good customer service. Directly communicating with people with the help of a chatbot will provide a similar service and similar results. If the chatbot replies quickly, it allows customers to get what they want right when they want it.

Keeps You Up With The Trend

It’s becoming increasingly popular for businesses to be present on messaging applications. This is because messaging applications have reached more users than social media networks did in 2015. Customers seek to interact with brands through chat because it’s a lot easier and a lot faster. Businesses leverage the opportunity to reach more users through chatbots while remaining trendy for their customers as well.

A recent US Mobile App Report suggests that about 65% of smartphone users don’t download any new app throughout the entire month. They stick with their core apps such as Messenger, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber. It also suggests that 42% of smartphone users spend most of their phone time in a single app.

They Can Handle More Customers at Once

Humans can only pay attention to 3-4 processes at once. If they have to go beyond that, they are bound to make mistakes. So they are only able to properly converse with 3-4 customers at max. On the other hand, chatbots are capable of handling thousands of queries and engaging in thousands of conversations at once. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is or how many people are writing messages, everything will go smoothly and efficiently. Many fast food companies are using chatbots to take orders from their customers.

Chatbots are 100% Polite

People tend to have bad days. Sure, about 70% of the time they can handle the queries of customers with a big smile and with absolute politeness. But there are some customers that are extremely impolite or maybe the support agent is in a foul mood. This could mean that the way he/she responds is by no means polite and it will end up making the customer unsatisfied.

Chatbots on the other hand have no emotions to worry about. They will always respond politely if they are programmed to do so. No matter what the other person is saying, your chatbot will still work to achieve the optimal experience. For example, rarely do foreign visitors of a travel destination speak the same language as the locals. This is why chatbots are an excellent investment for travel agencies and hotels as well. They can be taught numerous languages, which will make communication between the customer and the establishment an excellent breeze.

They Are Available 24/7/365

The most obvious benefit of any automated machinery (AI and chatbot) is the fact that it doesn’t take breaks. Numerous companies have 24/7/365 customer support, but that requires large teams of employees to answer the phone day in and day out. Even with an incredible amount of human resources at a company’s disposal, customers are still a subject to waiting. I bet you’ve listened to the boring music that plays while you have to wait for a customer support agent to answer.

Chatbots don’t make customers wait and they never get tired. They just do their job and continue to do so throughout the day and throughout the entire year. This will make your customers more satisfied and also improve your place in your sector. It also makes it much easier for you to approach global markets, since you don’t have to worry about hiring fluently speaking customer representatives from numerous countries.

It’s Easy To Implement

One of the reasons why chat bots are becoming so widespread is because they are very easy to implement. In numerous cases it’s just a simple install and the visitors will be able to interact with it. Though some platforms are much more complex than others, it definitely isn’t hard to get set up with a chatbot that’s easy to install.

These chatbots are constantly improving with updates, which make them a lot more accurate, intuitive and able to better react to certain queries. A single update from one developer can affect all the chat bot units a company has. While it takes much longer to train a group of humans to perform the same task. This eliminates a lot of expenses in running an effective customer support for your business. They are also a lot easier to implement on a great variety of systems than it is to implement human-based chat programs. If you have a WordPress based website, you can just implement a single chat program very easily and have it respond to all the queries on your site at the same time.

As the interest for chatbots continues to rise, implementing them will become easier and easier with every version that comes out.

It Saves You a Lot of Money

You are bound to have at least a few employees to pay as a business owner. The amount you have to pay out each month will only increase as your business grows; especially if your business requires customer support agents. Chatbots allow you to settle this problem with a one-time investment. It can drastically reduce the amount of money you have to spend on your staff.

It’s a one-time payment that will pay itself off very quickly. You can have a chatbot answering the simple questions regarding your business and products while you can leave the more complex ones to your customer support agents. This also enables you to have a high end support service with your newly opened online business.

Automatizes Repetitive Jobs

No human being likes to do the same thing over and over again for a prolonged period of time. It’s even uncomfortable for a short period. Humans are much more prone to making errors in these cases. While chatbots can help you automate tasks that are done often and at just the right time.

There are even slack bots that can automatically complete many of your repetitive tasks. This lets you and your employees save time and increase your productivity. If someone buys something from your website or there is bug on it, then the slackbot will send a short summary of it on your slack channel.

They are Incredibly Flexible

The programming behind chatbots can be used in numerous ways, because it is so flexible. The same core can be used in other products from websites, to tablets. It can be used in virtually any application you’re looking to use it in.

Chatbots learn really quickly, constantly expanding their databases, with the potential of learning multiple languages. They operate on a universal platform that can be accessed by anyone, on any device, using any browser. They adapt very fast because they learn from the people who are using it. This is why this highly intelligent system can greatly enhance many businesses and make them much more dynamic.

This flexibility to easily understand language and human interaction brings optimal results without any hassle. The technology is by no means perfect and it definitely doesn’t match up to genuine human communication. Some algorithms are better than others and they have the advantage over humans because of their large or near infinite memory. All of the questions your customer has can be answered by a single entity.

Easier To Monitor Customer Data and Gain Insights

Since chatbots are more interactive tools, they are capable of gathering and analyzing a lot more data. They collect it through communicating with people, just like we humans do. All this feedback can be used to improve your products or services and even make your website better for your users. If your landing page or online store has plenty of organic traffic but doesn’t convert too well, you can find out what’s wrong through your chatbot. It can find out why the customers are leaving the page without purchasing anything.

Chatbots are also excellent at tracking different behavior patterns and drawing conclusions from them. This can greatly influence the way you make your marketing decisions, like what to market differently and what products you’ll have to redevelop for a re-launch.

Chatbots are Great For Lead Generation

The chatbot can be of great assistance to the buyer with all the information it receives. It can ask all the necessary questions about the user’s needs and give product suggestions accordingly. This simple process will easily generate a lead for you and since the chatbots can be programmed for lead generation, they can make the conversation flow in the right direction.

With the help of a chatbot, users can not only choose and browse products, but buy them as well. Facebook messengers can not only initiate orders but complete them through an embedded payment system like American Express, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Braintree or Stripe.


Adapting to new trends and technologies is the constant strive of every online business. But a chatbot brings a lot more. It creates a new lever of interaction between a business and its customers, taking things to greater heights than ever before. Make sure you ride this wave of new technology and adopt it before your competitors. It doesn’t require much of an investment and can bring about a tremendous ROI!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and that we helped you learn something new today!


David Cross

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