Benefits of VPS Hosting – Who Should Use a Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server (VPS) is the perfect solution when your business is so big that shared hosting is not enough and you need more server resources. VPS is actually a virtual machine that uses a normal or a cloud server, having dedicated server resources and custom software.

Hosting companies offer different VPS packages from $20 to $80 or even more depending on the resource you want and you need from 1 GB RAM Burst, 512 Mb RAM Guaranteed, 1 CPU Core 2.1 GHz, 25 GB HDD, 1 dedicated IP, unlimited monthly traffic and a free panel usually Webuzo, ZPanelCp or other to 8 GB RAM BURST, 4 GB RAM Guaranteed, 8 CPU core 2.1 GHZ, 150 GB HDD and 2 dedicated IPs.

You should definitely use a VPS Hosting if you want special email features such as office emails or mass emailing, custom installations, lower prices (compared to dedicated), full control and high security.

Need to Send High Number of Emails?

If you need to send special emails like office emails where in the same location there are a couple of employees who have emails and who use them, then you really need a VPS for bypassing the POP and IMAP connections where in shared hosting those are limited to 30 per hour and the other solution to bypass these limits is to have multiple internet service providers but is too expensive.

If you also need mass emailing, VPS is the solution so you can send newsletters or try to verify multiple email accounts by passing the 500 emails per hour limit. If you have a large database with email addresses you can easily send emails from your virtual private server.

Usually there are special virtual servers, dedicated just for sending emails, hosting companies provide these VPS with 2 dedicated IP address, bulk email list management tool, tracking tool, editing software, 24/7 MMS monitors hardware and software with different levels of performance, security, backup, software optimization and software updates.

Need Custom Installation and Setup?

With virtual private servers you can even install custom software that are impossible to install on shared hosting where they use a lot of resources or they need different perquisites. Because you have a VPS you can change the hardware and the software of the hosting in comparison with the shared version so you can install custom operating systems like Linux distributions, custom scripts like Schedule Facebook Posts (PHPSFP), cPanel + WHM, different games and so on.

You can realize these custom installations by yourself or with the help of the host’s support team, but the costs are very low and you have more control over your installations.

Affordable Price (get more for less)

VPS prices are lower than those of a dedicated server and even of a shared hosting where you host multiple websites or a large one and you need to upgrade your shared hosting exceeding in this case the cost of a VPS.

With optimum performance at affordable prices you can get a SSD or a Cloud VPS that also includes Ceph, Stack, KVM, OVH API, simplified control panel and much more.

Because usually VPS is running in Cloud, you don’t need a dedicated support team just for you, always having a save of your website and the hardware is not affected by the software from the Cloud, they working almost independently so you don’t lose money.

Usually, you can buy additional features to your shared hosting such as add-on domains, more space, dedicated IP and so on, but these are already included in the VPS host and are cheaper if you buy the VPS package instead of separately buying features to your shared package.

Full Control Over your Virtual Server

You have more control over your virtual servers because you are the owner and you don’t share them with other people so you can have root access, custom installations, hardware changes and so on.

Usually, hosting companies provide you a Control Panel such as OVH, Bhost, Eezpal, Virtualizor, Web AppZ Live, Virtuozzo where you login with a username and password and then you can easily modify options without having the need of technical knowledge and you can group resources together by project, manage rights, delegate, transfer, share tasks, adapt tools, statistics, start, boot, reboot, install, edit the hostname, edit DNS, API settings and so on.

With VPS you can install a control panel, but also a hosting control panel like cPanel or Plesk where you can manage your own clients who buy shared hosting from you. In this case you can manage their websites content, DNS, emails on Linux-based server or Windows-based server.

You can even upgrade, downgrade and update software, you can run batch files, make backups and custom firewall configurations or user partition.

With a proper Control Panel you can manage all of your virtualization solutions from a single flexible platform having memory and IOPS deduplicatition, rebootless updates, single image file storage, pre-installed application templates, SSD caching and much more.

High Security and Traffic Filtering

On a VPS you make your own security together with already implemented security measures by your chosen hosting company so you automatically have auto recovery, data protection and so on.

You can use Firewalls and blacklists such as UFW, IPTables and NFTables to block unwanted access to your server and you can filter traffic as you like. Other security options are password and username access, SSH, Intrusion Detection System to detect unauthorized access such as Tripwire, Bro or Psad; Automatic Backup, SFTP, permission and user roles settings, anti-malware and anti-virus.

Besides malwares and viruses you should check periodically with the help of Control Panel Tools after formmail, root kits and brute force. Also you should hide the sensitive information like Apache versions number, turn off directory browsing, lower the Timeout Value, limit large requests and disable unnecessary modules. All these will help you to reach a higher security on your VPS.

Who Should Choose a VPS Hosting Plan?

Medium to bigger sized business that owns an online shop, web design and development companies, forums, high traffic blogs and websites will not last for long on a shared hosting, these will need a VPS sooner or later for the above mentioned reasons (better control, higher security, greater flexibility).

For small blogs or company presentation websites a shared plan will be enough, while for larger websites (with thousands of daily visitors) a dedicated server or a cloud hosting plan will be needed.

If you are looking for a reliable Virtual Private Server provider, please check out the linked page in this paragraph.

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