9 Tricks & Tips to Become an Instagram Pro Today

Instagram is the best place to share your thoughts and memories, and since over 500 million people are using it, you can also gather a huge amount of followers and follow users with interesting content. The application itself has a few useful features, but it’s pretty simple overall, so you need to be quite experienced to figure out some tricks that can improve your experience.

Most of the Instagram veterans already know these, but you just need to read our article and we will show you the 9 most popular Instagram tricks right away. Once you learned these, you can start using the app like a real pro!

1. Instagram Stories on Your Web Browser

Although Instagram has a decent web interface, but unfortunately it doesn’t have as many features as the application. For example, if anyone you followed posts a new story, you can check it out in your Instagram app right away, but you can’t see it on the web interface because it’s simply not allowed. Thankfully, someone solved this problem with a clever extension for Chrome. It’s called Chrome IG Story and you can download it from the Chrome store for free.

Once IG Story is on, it adds a new function to your web interface and you can finally see all the stories posted by the users you follow. You just need to log in, and the stories will appear on the top of the web page, just like in your app.

2. View the Original Version of Your Image

Whenever you upload a photo to your Instagram, the website will scale it down, so you never get to see the original version on their website. However, there is a trick that lets you see the full-scale photo you uploaded to their servers. They need to store it somewhere, right?

Just go to your Instagram posts, click on the image and it will give you a specific URL in your URL bar. Delete the /?taken-by part with the code after it, and add /media/?size=1 instead. Now it should redirect you to the original photo you uploaded from your phone or PC, presented in full size.

You can also use variables like size=m, size=l, size=t, which will redirect you respectively to the medium, large or thumbnail-sized versions of your image.

3. Improve Instagram’s Zoom Functionality

Sure, Instagram already has a built-in feature that lets you zoom in, so what’s the trick? Well, you can zoom in on pictures, but what if you could use the same function on the other elements as well?  With this little trick, you can zoom in on anything you want while you can significantly change the zooming level. Basically, you can set up a much more effective Instagram feature just by following this little guide.

You can only follow this guide if you have an iPhone, since you need the Assistive Touch options to set this up. First, go to your Settings, then General > Accessibility, and there you will see a Zoom option below the Vision section. Set it to “On”, then open your Instagram application and tap on your screen two times with three fingers to enable the zoom lens.

And that’s all, now you can zoom in on anything you want by moving the lens around on the picture or the elements on your screen. There is also an options menu where you can adjust the zoom level and a few other attributes.

4. Get an ASCII Version of Your Original Image

Now this is not necessarily a useful trick, but definitely an interesting one. If you do a little research, you can easily find out that Instagram has a copy of every uploaded image in an ASCII text format. You can also access these files straight from their servers by typing in a specific URL for the particular image. Select one of the images you posted on your Instagram, and use the method we previously mentioned at trick #2 to open it in full size.

Select the URL bar of your browser, then just delete the part that follows “ig_cache_key” and extend it with a “.txt”. The URL will return an awesome ASCII text that represents your original picture with symbols. It’s also completely shareable since you can simply copy and paste it to your messages or post it online anywhere.

5. How to Remove Instagram Tags?

This trick might come in handy if someone tags you on a photo and you don’t really like what you see either because of the quality or you simply don’t want it to be public. We are going to explain it to you how to remove your tag from these silly images. You can easily deal with these images and they will be removed from the “Photos of You” page once and for all.

First, select the Profile icon on the bottom right, then choose Photos of You from the menu. Open the particular photo with your tag, and you will see three dots at the top right corner. A menu will pop out, and here just tap the Photo Options, then go to More Options > Remove Me from Photo and you’re set. If you followed these steps, the tag will disappear from the photo.

6. Limit Your Data Traffic with Instagram

As you go through plenty of videos and pictures, Instagram constantly keeps up the required data traffic in order to provide you a seamless user experience. However, many people have a limited data pack for their Internet usage, and without a WiFi connection, Instagram can quickly eat up the spare megabytes, which might lead to unexpected expenses.

If you are a regular Instagram user, then we can show you a little trick that prevents the extensive use of data. As you might guess, this fix causes videos and images to load slightly slower than usual, but it’s certainly worth it if you consider the amount of data that can be saved. You can browse through your Instagram in the same way, but it will use up a few more seconds to load the content instead of megabytes.

Here’s what you need to do:

Open Instagram Settings, then go to Cellular Data use and enable the Use Less Data option. Once you’re done, your Instagram app will work with limited data traffic, which is a more effective way to browse your account if you have a limited data pack.

7. How to Turn Your Instagram into a Photo Editor

With Instagram’s impressive photo editing tools, you can accomplish most of your basic photo retouching and image manipulation tasks. As you can use it as a standalone app for photo editing, there is no need to download additional apps for the purpose. Of course, if you are a professional designer or illustrator, you obviously need to download a serious tool, but Instagram is just enough for everyday image adjustments. We are going to show you how it works in the next few steps.

First of all, go to your Instagram and open a picture. We will go through the usual editing process, except that you are not going to post the picture in the end. Just make the desired adjustments on the picture, then tap Next. Now there’s an interesting thing you can do before posting the image. Switch to the settings panel on your mobile, and set the Airplane Mode on, then go back and post the image.

Since you can’t post an image offline to your account, your phone will simply save it to your album. That’s all, now you can edit your Facebook profile pictures or any other picture that you want with Instagram.

8. How to Change Instagram’s Appearance?

Although Instagram has a pretty nice website interface, you can still customize it to your own taste. To add some style to Instagram’s look, download the Chrome extension called Instagram Styler and start making your own adjustments to the website.

You can make it more appealing by changing the color of the headers, footers and giving a rounded shape to every displayed image thumbnail. If you want them to be completely circle-shaped, just set the edge rounding value to maximum in the settings and apply the changes.

Instagram Styler is a small application downloaded by over 13 thousand users and counting. You can download it from Chrome’s web store and it’s completely free.

9. Create Timelapse Videos

Since Windows came up with their app called Hyperlapse, creating timelapse videos became much easier on Instagram. By downloading this application, you don’t need to use a tripod anymore to record clean timelapse videos. Even if you run or shake your hands while recording, the video will look completely stable thanks to its software stabilization technology.

You can convert any video into a slower or faster version, up to a 32x speed. It’s a simple way to share a high-speed version of your experiences, thus making them more enjoyable and easily consumable to your audience. There are many applications available for that, but most of them produce quite shaky results.

Besides Instagram, you can also share your videos on any of your favorite social media accounts. Microsoft Hyperlapse can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android users, but if you have an iOS device, an application named Hyperlapse can be found on iTunes as well, which is quite identical.

Wrapping up

You ain’t famous yet on Instagram? Use the above tricks and tips to become an Instagram pro and gather more and more followers. Hope, these quick Instagram guide was useful, but please, if you have anything to add, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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