How To Establish Yourself As a Great YouTuber?

YouTube is booming with rich content and interested users, which is why it was the place to be for the last 5 years. We see more and more YouTubers living “the life”, doing what they want. They play games, make funny videos, do and talk about what they love, while making a solid income out of it.

As more people join into the game, it’s only natural that you tell yourself “I could do this too!”. Yes, yes you can. But there are a number of things you have to get straight first, not to mention the amount of work you’ll have to put into creating great content.

Now, in 2018, the competition has gotten a bit rougher, but unique and entertaining content still sells. There is some great money to be made if you have something unique and valuable to offer to your viewers.

Although being successful on YouTube is an art in itself, so there is no one guide to being successful on YouTube. But there are some pretty awesome frameworks that can be a guide to the work you put into establishing your channel and creating your videos. This guide is mostly for the guys and gals who are looking to start up a YouTube channel, and want to make the most out of it right from the beginning. YouTube is also an awesome tool for marketing if you know how to leverage it, so we’ll talk about that as well. It can be a great source for driving traffic, and a real god sent for someone who understands how to direct that traffic to the right place. It is also an exceptionally awesome tool for brand building. Because lively content is one of the core foundations of building an online brand.

Our primary goal is to help you understand what makes people popular today and to provide a framework that helps you create great content that gets noticed. There will be three rounds to this guide, and each of them will have a different kind of value. Without further ado, let’s get down to all the things that make a solid YouTube channel.

Round One – Starting Tips For a Wannabe YouTuber

getting started youtubeIt’s best to jump into YouTube with some clear goals and a clear understanding of what you want to provide to your users. It doesn’t hurt to do a bit of research and digging in yourself. There are a lot of wishy-washy guides that don’t say many of the hard truths on being a YouTuber. So, don’t worry, I won’t leave out the challenges you’ll have to overcome.

The First And Most Important Thing

It’s always just about you in the beginning, which is why it’s important to think about what you want to achieve. What are you hoping to get out of your YouTube channel?

When it comes to making your desire become a reality, it’s not just about yourself. It’s a game of giving and receiving. So what is it that you can and want to provide your users with? Are your funny, analytical, practical or can speak your mind clearly? Do you want to share your professional advice or your travels and adventures?

I’m basically talking about what kind of YouTube channel you’re looking to start up and what do you want to achieve with it. Which you have probably drawn out in your head already, but be sure to put it down on paper.

Be absolutely clear about your goals and the unique value you want to give. What is there in you that you want to give to your subscribers?

Define What ‘Success” Means

Once you have a dream made into a clear objective, it’s time to put it into numbers. You probably want to make good money with your channel too, so say that number out loud. There’s also a number of ways you can get that money, which we’ll get down to a bit later. First things first, let’s make some clear goals. Do you want:

  • Conversions – The number of people you can get to buy the products you’re promoting?
  • Video Views – Do you just want to get your message out there and have it heard by as many people as possible?
  • More Engagement With Your Brand – Do you want people to care more about your brand and engrain it into their minds?
  • Do you want to grow your number of subscribers and make thousands of dollars with sponsored content?
  • Do you want to sell and promote your own merchandise?

Examine What Kind Of Competition You Have

Once you have established what kind of unique values you’re looking to offer, it’s time to know whether you have competition or not. Most of the successful YouTubers, like PewDiePie for example, sought to create something that wasn’t there yet. They themselves wanted to watch a type of video that wasn’t made by anyone else yet, so they created it themselves.

So, search for the type of videos that you want to make and look if there are any good ones that have many views. If there are, see how and in what aspect you can do better. After that’s done, it’s time to dig deeper and do some keyword research. But we’ll talk about that in another round below.

Round Two – Accepting The Hard Truths

improving youtube channelWhile we live in a world where everyone can be famous overnight, YouTube isn’t always as glamorous as it seems. There are some harsh truths to the world’s fastest growing media platform that a lot of beginners don’t know. There are a number of things that are best to be accepted, before you embark on your journey to becoming a YouTuber.

Nobody’s trying to put you off here. It’s just better to see both sides of the same coin.

If You Just Want Fame and Money, You Won’t Succeed

First and foremost, life isn’t about collecting material possessions. Neither is content creation. But yes, it is important to make a good living, but it’s even more important to understand what makes people successful on this platform. In fact, most of your favorite YouTubers made it big because they did something they loved and they loved to share it with others. People tend to idealize YouTubers, which is just someone having fun in front of a camera. Some people just start to use YouTube to share their creative work with others who have the same interests. In the beginning, nobody joined YouTube to make themselves famous or make a lot of money, because these concepts didn’t even exist.

If you just want to make money with making videos, you’re going to have a hard time. It’s hard to be authentic and even creative if money is your only objective. YouTube’s audience is a surprisingly mature audience. They’ll pick up on something like this and it really isn’t pleasant to be labeled as sellout.

The Fix: Have fun. Make your creative input your work’s priority and enjoy what you’re making. Enjoy sharing it with others. This will help you connect with your audience and actually make some money as a reward.

It Takes Time and Work To Make Good Videos

Nobody was born a superstar. If you want to start vlogging or just making good videos, accept that you won’t be all that great at first. But it is something you grow into. You’ll need some time to be comfortable in front of a camera, get the necessary technical gear and really get to the peak of your content creation process.

They Won’t Throw Money At You Right From The Start

Getting free trips, book contracts and sponsorships are all great and fun. But it takes a lot of work for you to get there. Brands are sponsorships are mostly targeting channels with about 40,000 to 400,000 subscribers. So don’t think about what anyone owes you for picking up a camera and making videos. Just focus on being creative and making good content. Just think about the first hard truth I mentioned.

Round Three – Figuring Out How To Make Money

making money youtubeSure, YouTubers with millions of subscribers have a pretty solid income, just from YouTube. This has got a lot of people to believe myths about making money on YouTube. They think that “you just make videos, attract viewers and cash in the ad revenue”. What a great get rich quick scheme. But the truth is that you can’t make a living from YouTube ad revenue only. Some videos that have ads, generate only 2$-3$ per 1,000 viewers. This means that you’re going to make a few thousand dollars for one million views. That’s not much.

But you still want to make a decent buck with the amount of energy you invest into YouTube, right? Well, the good news is that there are a lot of alternatives that can give you that. It will definitely take you some time and work to reach a point where you can live off YouTube or at least boost your already existing business with it. But you have some solid possibilities in front of you.

Get Sponsorships

How do you think guys who do parkour, skateboarding and other kind of extreme sports make their money? They’re not selling much and they aren’t the overly productive types. They do it with sponsorships. Most of the big names in parkour make their living with sponsorships from RedBull and other companies.

Even if you’re a small YouTuber, you can attract sponsorships if you have a steady and engaged following that loves your videos. You can make some pretty good money with even a 100,000 subscribers. Sponsors will pay you a nice fee for you to promote them. You only have to make sure that they do indeed have something to do with the topics your channel is about. Otherwise you’ll be just a sell out and your audience definitely won’t like that.

Use Patreon

People will want to support you if you produce content that they like. Those who follow your channel on a regular basis won’t be shy to help you continue doing what you are doing.

Patreon is a platform that allows users to support artists and content creators with money. They can give a $1 per month or as much as they like. For that, YouTubers give them exclusive content, one-on-one Skype calls among other things. You just have to create a Patreon page and tell your audience about it. There will be definitely some who want to support you, if you really do create awesome content.

Use Affiliate Marketing

A lot of YouTubers add Amazon Affiliate links to their video descriptions. For example, if you love to read and review books, you can do it for good money. Just add the Amazon Affiliate link of the book you’ve reviewed and tell people to check it out if they liked it in your video. If they buy it, you’ll get a commission from it. The same goes for tech review channels that review smartphones, computer hardware and so on.

But some gaming channels are crazy enough to add affiliate links to ham, dish soap and other stuff that have nothing to do with their channel. That’s because it doesn’t matter what people buy if they reach Amazon through your affiliate link. If they buy any other product, you’ll get the commissions for it. Hope that they buy a TV or something!

Sell Your Own Goods With Shopify Or With Any Kind Of Online Shop

Like I mentioned above, YouTube is a great platform for promoting anything. So why not promote your own products with some awesome content? If you have built your own online store and have something you want to sell, this is a great chance to market it. Selling your own physical products is the best way to make money online.

Round Four – Making The Most Out Of What’s Available

getting popular youtube

It’s important that you realize that your success on YouTube isn’t just about making good videos. Of course, it is the back bone of it, but you still have to invest a bit more into knowing what you’re doing. Things like your video’s metadata, headline, title and thumbnail matter a lot. So it’s important that you do everything in your power to optimize your content for YouTube’s search engine!

Using Proper Metadata

Your video’s title, description, keywords and tags matter a lot. It is what connects the search engine to your videos and ensures that they are discoverable by people that might be interested in seeing them. You can also add timestamps to help viewers navigate through your video and stuff them full with relevant keywords. You can also add more detailed descriptions to your videos and add further keywords.

Insert some annotations with links into your videos. These can pop up during a video, and lead to another one of your video or some resource you’ve used to make the current video. It can lead to your website, blog or any other place.

Your video’s description is incredibly important, because search engines don’t understand images and videos. They read the text under your video. In fact, it might be even better if you would add a transcription to your vids as well!

Make Short And Snappy Titles

Your video’s title should give the viewer a very quick and intriguing insight into the content piece they’re about to view. It’s even better if you include your focus keywords as well. The best way to do this is to look at your new title as-if you’ve never come across your channel nor your brand before.

Have a Social Media Site For Your Channel Too

Most of the people who use YouTube, use some sort of social media as well. They will be more likely to follow you and your content will also be in front of more eyes. For example, platforms like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Digg are great for sharing videos. Don’t forget to ask your viewers to follow you!

Analyze Your Video’s Data

YouTube lets you view a pretty solid analytics of how your videos are performing. You can follow how people are engaging with your videos, how much they watch from it and more. If they turn your video off at a certain point, you’ll know about it. You can easily measure if the length of your videos suits your audience or not. Short videos perform better most of the time, because everyone has time to watch a 5 minute video, right?

Listen To Your Audience

YouTube has a comment section for a reason. It’s a great place for you to engage with your audience and have them tell you what they want. So, ask them to comment on what they would like to see. An engaged audience is what you want, not people that just watch your video and move on.

Involve your audience in any way you can. In fact, make them a part of your production. Have them send you their content and make sure they know that you care about them.

Be Consistent With Your Videos

Upload videos consistently, so that your audience knows what they have to look forward to. People usually subscribe to channels that they trust will have more to give if they follow it. If people love your review videos, do a review once every week. They want to know that you’ll be here for them when they want to watch your content.

Vary Your Content

There are two types of content. The first one is the content you push out to gain more subscribers and appeal to new viewers. The second one is the one you make for your already active subscribers, because you know what they want and you seek to satisfy them. Your content should be a variation of these two types. Also, coming up with something new for your channel is what it is all about, so always seek to bring something fresh to the channel and improve your videos.

Use High Quality Thumbnails

You should spend time crafting some good looking thumbnails and make them have consistent branding. A user who already watched a few of your videos should be able to notice one of your videos just by looking at its thumbnail. So, be consistent with the type of images and the typography you use on your thumbnails. The School Of Life is a great example of this.


There you have it, a hot load of tips that will help you establish the mental framework necessary for running an awesome YouTube channel. Keep these in mind and work hard on building something you and your audience will love!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading through this article and that we’ve helped you learn something new!

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