How much Bandwidth your Website is using? – Bandwidth Calculator Tool

The term “bandwidth” is used in networking and refers to the amount of that that can be transferred over a network in set amount of time. The term is also used in the hosting industry, but with a different meaning. In web hosting, bandwidth refers to the amount of data transfer that is used by a website or a hosting account.

That said, you will probably want to know how the monthly data transfer is calculated and how much bandwidth, to be more correct, how much data is transferred over the network by your website.

We have developed a very simple tool, that will calcite the amount of bandwidth your website is using, based on the average size of the website’s page and given daily page views.

calculate website monthly data transfer

Click here for the bandwidth calculator

The concept of this tool is simple. The tool analyzes the given URL, calculates its size (images, css files, javascript, content, etc) and multiplies it with the daily page-views. This value is multiplied with 30 days, which will give the total amount of bandwidth that your website is using in one month.

This is an estimative calculation however, because the tool will not take in consideration video, archived or downloadable files. If your website provides video streaming or offers digital downloads, the bandwidth usage will differ from the amount that our bandwidth calculator is displaying.

To find out how many page-views your website is receiving a day, you have to track it with Google Analytics or other traffic analysis tool.

What about unlimited web hosting?

As you know, resources are limited. There is no telecommunication company that will or can offer unlimited bandwidth or data transfer. Our current technology does not make it possible. The unlimited hosting plan is just a marketing strategy, used by many hosting companies.

The unlimited hosting works just like the “all you can eat” restaurants. You pay for your meal, and eat as much as you want or you can. In case of hosting, you pay for your yearly hosting plan and you use as much storage and data transfer you want.

However, there are some limitations to it. For instance, you cannot host too many or too large files. It is not possible to use your hosting account for video or image storage. Just like in the restaurant, if you behave and eat like a normal person, you are welcome. In case of the unlimited hosting plan, if you exceed a certain amount of CPU usage or inodes, your account will be suspended, until you fix the problem.

But there is good news to unlimited hosting too. As I wrote above, if you are using your hosting account normally, for hosting your website, blog, online shop, etc; you don’t need to care about how much space or data transfer is needed. Just focus on building your site and grow your business.

If you are looking for a good business hosting service, with unlimited storage and data transfer, I recommend InMotion hosting.


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