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Backblaze Review

Backblaze is a backup-only service that truly does what it says – backs up all of your files and documents to the cloud with minimal interference on your part. Backblaze aims for simplicity, which means that that there are no complicated features that you can’t wrap your heard around or that perhaps are of no use to you. It’s also one of the most affordable services out there, and it comes with unlimited storage in the cloud for one computer. Backblaze is all about a smooth, no-sweat, set it and forget it backup. With 200 million GB stored and 10 billion files recovered, Backblaze is indeed a solid service.

As you will later see in this review, Backblaze’s biggest advantage is also one of its shortcomings. Its quest for simplicity also makes it a less flexible service than what we see at other providers, but Backblaze is upfront about everything and does exactly what is says it does – backing up files. No more, no less.

Why should use Backblaze?

Backblaze is a very good option for individuals who don’t have mountains of data, because even if Backblaze is a truly unlimited cloud storage, it doesn’t allow users to pick and choose what files to back up, instead it allows you to exclude folders, which may be a bit of a hassle, especially if there are only a few folders you want to upload to the safety of the cloud. Apart from applications and system files, Backblaze will back up everything. So even if you don’t want or need all your data to be backed up, you can’t select to back up only the specific files or folders you want.

This service puts no limits on bandwidth, file size, the amount of data that needs to be backed up, therefore, users who had to pay extra for all these at other providers, will truly appreciate this approach.

The same service is available for businesses as well. For $50/year per computer, business users can get all that no-limits service at consumer prices.

Backblaze Plans & Prices

You have the following options when it comes to choosing a plan: Personal Backup, Business Backup, and a separate B2 Cloud Storage.

The Personal Backup plan comes with unlimited storage for one PC or Mac, and it costs just $5 per month. You can back up your data on your computer and access your cloud storage from any other device with an internet connection.

backblaze pricing personal cloud backup

The Business Backup offers the same unlimited storage construction, and it’s billed annually costing $50/year/computer. Backup is continuous and automatic, you can backup Windows and Mac desktops and laptops, and unlimited external drives. In the Business Plan there is an option to choose between an Individual Access, whereby each employee signs up with their work email address individually, or an IT Access, which involves one Backblaze account for all as opposed to several accounts, thus, allowing access to all the data on all computers at all times.

The B2 Cloud Storage is a similar service to Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure designed for developers and IT, but comes at ¼ of the cost. Said to be the “lowest cost cloud storage on the planet”, B2 Cloud Storage costs only $0.005/GB a month. Those who sign up with this service receive the first 10GB for free. It’s a highly scalable, pay-as-you-go system for storing or hosting data online.

Backblaze Features

  • Unlimited trifecta: unlimited storage, unlimited file size and unlimited speed, all for $5/month/computer.
  • Simple, set it and forget it all inclusive backup: all you have to do is install Backblaze, and the system will automatically back up all your files.
  • Automatic and scheduled backups.
  • External HD backup: you can back up an unlimited number of external drives.
  • Locate stolen computer: this feature allows you to recover all your data from a lost or stolen computer and even find your computer. Backblaze maps your computer’s location, identifies the IPS being used, the IP address the stolen computer is using and can even show you the files that are being backed up while your computer is being used by others.
  • Personal encryption key: for additional security, Backblaze allows you to use a personal encryption key.
  • File restoration: you can restore your files by downloading them with the Free Web Download, Free Mobile Download, or opt for the restore-to-door service, which means that you can have a USB flash drive or a USB hard drive sent to you via FedEx, wherever you are. Both of these are paid services (the USB flash drive up to 128GB costs $99, while the USB Hard Drive up to 1TB costs $189).
  • Version history: You can restore multiple versions of your files, however, only for 30 days.

Backblaze Support

Backblaze has a help center where you can search for different aspects of the backup and restoring process, a chat support option that works Mondays to Fridays between 9pm and 5pm. No phone support is available, but the chat support is an appreciated addition.

Pros and cons of Backblaze

As mentioned before, some of this online backup provider’s disadvantages stem from the very fact that it strives to be as simple as possible on the premise that the simpler a backup service is, the more motivated people are to use a cloud backup to keep their files safe.


  • Unlimited storage space
  • Unlimited file size
  • Restore-to-door service (hard drive FedEx-ed to you with a copy of your files)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Automatic and scheduled backup
  • File restoration and version history


  • No free subscription, only 15-day trial
  • No sharing capabilities
  • No mobile backup
  • Application files and operating system is not backed up
  • File restoration via USB or hard drive costs extra


This cloud backup service does what it promises to do – offers a simple, no-frills backup service for your day to day backup needs. Uninitiated users will no longer feel overwhelmed by how cloud backup services work or by features they don’t understand. Experienced users may feel the need for more customizability or flexibility, however, those who value simplicity will not be bothered by some of the slightly more rigid aspects of this service.

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Backblaze User Reviews

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gene m on Dec 26, 2018
I would absolutely NOT recommend Backblaze to anyone who expects service & professionalism. It has been a nightmare dealing with them.
I recently bought a new MacPro & emailed Backblaze so I could restore the backed up data to my new computer. They sent me a USB hard drive which I found difficult to use ; I am not tech savvy. I had to unlock the drive. Then the drive backed up for a few seconds & stopped.
At one point the support point person (who sometimes gave me an answer to my question or just repeated a previous email answer), gave me advice that would have deleted my backup. When I pointed this out , he said he mixed up my ticket with someone else’s ticket. THIS IS CLEARLY UNACCEPTABLE.
I then left 3 voicemails for the lead support person & additionally I wrote an email to both the CEO & the head of the support team regarding this unacceptable scary mixup. As of today (easily 20 days out) I have not heard from anyone I‘ve contacted.
Additionally I discovered that Backblaze had charged me twice so I pointed out this mistake to them.
Fast forward, I finally had to pay Apple a $100 to transfer the data from my old computer to my new MacPRO. In summary I have paid twice: to Backblaze (with no reliable service) & to Apple.