Why You Need Automatic Website Backup?

Safeguarding website data should be a top priority for any website owner. Hacking attempts, server failures, hardware damage can all interfere with your website’s proper functioning and can undermine your desire to have your website data preserved. Automated website backup or cloud backup services are a must for anyone who wants their data be recoverable in case something goes wrong. Storing data through outdated technology leaves you vulnerable to all sorts of threats including hardware and software failures, hacking, unauthorized access and irreversible physical damage.

Automatic website backup or cloud backup services have proven to have several advantages over relying on manual backups alone. If you’re already using online backup services, you’re probably aware of the many advantages it comes with. While these services are more and more widespread, many website owners are yet to discover its benefits. So, why is automatic website backup important and why you need it?

Benefits of Automated Website Backups

Automatic backups, storage and file recovery systems eliminate significant risks associated with manual, offline backup solutions like HDDs based backups. Some of the most striking benefits of automated website backups that website owners should take notice of include:


If you opt for cloud backup services, your website data and computer data are stored in a remote location that is impervious to the vulnerabilities that may threaten your files if they were saved by using traditional backup solutions. The fact that backups happen automatically at a daily frequency or at a frequency chosen by the user, eliminates further risks associated with forgetting to back up your data, which also happens quite often.

With cloud backup services, important files and data are backed up automatically and kept up-to-date, so that in case of a server failure, unauthorized access, hacking attempts or malfunctions, your files can be restored instantly.

Enhanced Security

Manual backup and storage solutions cannot compete with the enhanced security online backup services provide for your data. Since HDD based backups can expose your files to irreversible data losses, file corruption, inaccessibility, physical damage and malfunctions, online backup services are a superior alternative to doing backup the traditional way.

Cloud backup services also provide redundant storage as an extra layer of security for your files. Knowing that your files are kept secure in more than one server location, will give you peace of mind that in case of an event that results in your data being lost or compromised, you can easily recover all your backed-up data.

Instant Recovery

It’s only when you’re faced with the irretrievable loss of your website data do you start to recognize the value of an automatic backup service. The quality of an online backups service is also demonstrated by quick data recovery and restoration times, so you can have your data at your fingertips whatever the circumstance that caused the compromising of your computer stored or external hard drive stored data.

This is undoubtedly one of the most important benefits you can draw by switching from manual offline backups to automated online backups.

Syncing Capabilities

Another major benefit of online backup services is the readily available synchronization feature that isn’t available with manual backups. Synchronization across tablets, laptops and other supported devices makes it easy for you to have access to the latest version of your data from any device.

This allows you to complete projects or edit files even on the go. Having access to your files at all times saves you time and streamlines tasks related to the management, editing and updating of your files.

Affordable and Time-Efficient

Cloud-based website backup solutions are an affordable and time-efficient alternative to manual backups. You no longer need to be worried about hardware that is prone to physical damage and malfunctions, and you don’t need to be bothered with maintenance since backup happens automatically.

Whether you’re a small or large business, backing up your website data to the cloud is the best you can do for the safeguarding your website files and databases.

Reputable hosting providers offer free automated backups included with some of their hosting plans. These hosting companies perform courtesy automatic backups of your website on a regular basis to make sure that in the event of a server outage or other unforeseen circumstance, your files are safe and fully recoverable.

InMotion Hosting – Free Automated Website Backup for the Safe-Keeping of Your Files

inmotion hosting free automated website backupInMotion Hosting is an industry-leading hosting provider that delivers a variety of hosting services for both individual users and businesses. The company has been a CNET certified service for 13 years in a row, and provides quality hosting services at affordable rates. Apart from their top-notch server infrastructure, SSD storage, latest hardware and software technology, and the arsenal of features available with each of their hosting plans, InMotion Hosting also provides an automatic remote backup service with all their shared hosting, VPS servers, and reseller hosting plans.

These automatic website backups are performed every 24-36 hours and they overwrite previously backed up data with the latest version. Those who want to have access to several previous versions of their website backup, are advised to maintain backups of their own as well. As a best practice, customers are advised to create a full website backup before making any changes to their website.

InMotion Hosting also allows users to create their own backups via cPanel’s built-in backup tool. Therefore, you can back up MySQL databases and website files in cPanel. Users can find step-by-step information on InMotion’s Support Center page that detail how to perform full cPanel backups and how to restore files in cPanel if they ever need to.

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Whether you want to back up your website files and databases or you want a full backup of your files stored on your laptop, using your computer or external drives for backup should not be your only option for data recovery. There is no reason to not benefit from the advantages of an online backup service that is able to provide better safe-keeping for your files in an automatic, efficient, and time-saving manner.


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