Advantages and Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a great tool to build websites with. The hosting requirements to run a website based on WordPress is pretty standard so most web hosting companies will be able to host your website. There are however some minimum requirements, that are necessary to run the software. The current WordPress (4.2.2) version requires PHP version 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL version 5.0 or greater and also the mod_rewrite Apache module. Even if most web companies does offer all the necessary tools to run a WordPress site on their server, they will not offer you support for WordPress itself. If you have a problem with your website, that is not related to web hosting, the company will most likely redirect you to the support form to find the answer. If you are not a very technical person, and you feel that you need a helping hand to manage your WordPress blog, probably you should consider buying a managed wordpress hosting. This type of hosting plan, beside the regular hosting support offer wordpress support and website maintenance service, you don’t have to worry about updates, hacking or other issues may occur with your website, you can focus on the front-end while a trained person will take care of the back-end.

Now let’s take a look to the advantages and disadvantages of a managed wordpress hosting and help you decide choosing a hosting plan that fits your needs.

Main benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Greater security: although, every hosting provider has implemented some sort of security and protection against intruders into their network and servers, it is very hard to make it 100% bullet-proof and to find out the source of the problem. In case of a managed wordpress hosting the server hardware and software is constantly updated to latest versions and technologies to ensure that your website is safe.

Core and Plugin updates: the latest WordPress version has been designed so it can update itself. On some hosting servers this feature is disabled because it may cause pitfalls in server performance if all the websites hosted on the same servers are getting updated at the same time. If you choose to host your wordpress website on a managed hosting, these updated are performed automatically and the team will ensure that all of your plugins are also up to date.

High speed and performance: a regular shared hosting is designed for general website needs. It provides an environment that fits everything and these servers has lots unnecessary modules and software installed that will slow down some websites. On a managed wordpress server, only those modules and software are installed that are needed to run wordpress and that are needed for some special plugins. This will significantly speed up your website and it will perform much better than on a regular hosting server.

Support and help: as I mentioned before, with a managed wordpress hosting plan, you will not only get answers and help for the regular hosting related issues, but there is a dedicated, trained team who knows wordpress inside-out and can help you with issues related to the software.

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

It may look the perfect hosting plan for wordpress, but there are still some disadvantages.

Much higher price: a regular shared hosting plan cost less than a managed hosting. You will not get the same level of support for wordpress, but most companies still offer a basic level of support and they provide tutorials for their clients.

Not very flexible: even if your plan allows you to host multiple website, you are limited to build your website with wordpress only. In case of a virtual private server that can give your site the same level of performance and security, at similar cost, but without the dedicated support for the software, you can build multiple websites using other software than wordpress.

Managed or Unmanaged WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is extremely popular software, there are many websites, videos, online and offline courses where you can learn how to use this tool. If you have the time and the willing to learn new things, you can consider learning WordPress and get a shared or a VPS hosting to host your website. If you don’t want to mess at all with the software, and you want someone to take care of your website, the ideal choice for you would be a managed wordpress hosting service.

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