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Everyone wants to have a huge number of fans, followers, subscribers and likes to their social accounts. To build up yourself on social media platforms might take a lot of time and effort. There are however easier ways to get more Facebook likes and Twitter followers. You can use social exchange websites. By performing a quick search in Google you will find lots of websites offering such services. Please beware of these sites because many of them are fake or scam. There are some that are built only to steal your social media account.

A safe and easy way to exchange social media engagement is AddMeFast. In this article I will show you the benefits of using this great tool.

Introduction to AddMeFast

Addmefast is a live exchange website where more than 4 billion likes together with subscribers, followers, visits and so on are exchanged.

With addmefast you can increase your social network popularity, brand, revenue and presence by giving

  • Facebook likes, Facebook Share, Facebook Followers, Facebook Post Likes,
  • YouTube Video likes, YouTube subscribers,
  • Google Plus Circles, Google + Post Share,
  • YouTube Video Favorites, YouTube views,
  • Twitter Followers, Twitter tweets, Twitter retweets, Twitter Favorites

and so on and receiving in exchange points that you spend them to receive likes in exchange of those points.

Addmefast has more than 4 million active users from at least 200 countries. It is using user-friendly interface together with extra rewards for some milestones. They have secure payment methods in case you want to buy points used to receive likes.

AddMeFast Review

addmefast review is it legit or scam

Once you entered addmefast you just need to create an account using the registration button. A popup window will appear asking for email, password and a captcha code together with a sign-up button.

Once you pressed that button, you need to confirm your email address and to log in using the form on top right of the website.

You can check the box for remembering me if you want your credentials to be remembered. Also if you forgot your password you have the “forgot your password?” option available.

Once you logged in you will receive 50 points and for each referral, you get another 300 points. Also, you can buy points pressing the buy now button and choosing a payment method such as PayPal, Google, Paysafe, Skrill, etc. For each package, you will get 20% more points.

Prices are depending on your country. If you want to buy a plan where you get unlimited points you should check the last option. These are the available plans:

  1. Silver plan that costs $199 for 3 simultaneous active links,
  2. Gold plan is $499 for 10 simultaneous active links and
  3. Platinum plan for $999 having 25 simultaneous active links.

The billing period is weekly and you can upgrade or cancel anytime you want.

At the “my referrals” page accessible through the top right menu, you can see all your referrals. The page also shows your referral’s status, points, registration date and activation date.

At the profile page, you can see your email address and you can change your password. You can also select if you want to be notified by email. From here you can also delete your account if you really want. By performing this action you will lose everything, including points.

On the left sidebar, you have the add site/page button. There you can add your Facebook Post or page URL to get likes. Also, you need to select what you want such as post like or just simple Facebook likes. You can check the worldwide option for likes from anywhere or you can choose a couple of countries.

Next you need to write the title and if you want total clicks or daily clicks limitations.

The final step to receive likes is to put the cost per click for your page/post likes, knowing that the minimum is 2 and the maximum is 10. In this case, people will receive the points you wrote at CPC in exchange for their like. I recommend putting at least 5, but 10 is the best way to get fast and a lot of likes, even if you run out of points very quickly.

In the left, you also have My Sites page where you can see all the links you put there and you want to receive likes. You can see if the links are approved, if they have a limitation, you can also see the number of CPC and the number of clicks.

Also, you can delete, pause, edit or see details of a specific link.

The Subscription page is dedicated to the three plans Silver, Gold and Platinum.

that I have already written above while the Buy Points page is dedicated buying points.

The daily bonus page offers you 200 daily bonus points but you need to be active. This means that you need to do at least 50 clicks. The Free Points page is where you choose network and earn free points by liking, following, tweeting and so on.

The following 35 pages are pages for specific actions where you can receive points such as fm Likes, Facebook Likes, Vine Likes, and Website Hits and others.

In the right section of the addmefast, you can see your referrals. There is also the option to share it with different social media networks.

Each action works similar, excepting the website hits where you just need to enter and then an autosurf will make its job by surfing for websites automatically while you get points, but you need to let open the window with the autosurf else you won’t win any points.

For each action, you receive a notification about how many likes you have and you can see that you can skip if you don’t agree. Also don’t forget to login into your social network account, else you cannot like or do anything else excepting the website hits action.

Addmefast has also the option to translate it into your language using Google Translate and a widget placed in the footer of the website also if you are idle for an action you will receive a notification to reload the page to continue your liking or other action.

If you really have spare time you can use it to make points and use them to get free likes, shares and followers. Please note that most of users are using fake accounts, so with AddMeFast you won’t be able to get real social engagement.


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