How to Add Sezzle to Wix

Are you a Wix user looking for ways to offer your customers flexible payment options? Sezzle is a payment processor that allows you to offer interested customers the ability to buy now and pay later.

Adding this payment solution to your Wix website can help you maximize customer satisfaction and drive more sales. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to add Sezzle as a payment option on your Wix store.

Online shoppers are continually looking for more flexible payment options that fit into their budgets.

With Sezzle, customers have the flexibility of being able to buy products they need or want with easy installments over time. As a merchant, offering this type of payment solution can help you increase customer satisfaction and drive more sales.

Overview Of Sezzle

Sezzle is an online payment service that allows customers to make purchases and divide the cost into four bi-weekly payments without incurring any interest or fees.

Essentially, it acts as a line of credit for shoppers when buying from approved merchants like yourself. This means no credit checks, no lengthy forms, and no paperwork necessary for the customer.

How To Add Sezzle To Your Wix Site?

Adding Sezzle as a payment option on your Wix store is actually quite simple and only takes a few steps:

  • Step 1: Sign Up For a Sezzle Merchant Account
  • Step 2: Install the Sezzle App From the Wix App Marketplace
  • Step 3: Configure Your Settings
  • Step 4: Enable Payment Invoices and Orders in your Wix Dashboard

Step 1: Sign Up For A Sezzle Merchant Account

The first step is to sign up for a merchant account with Sezzle so that you can accept payments from customers via their service. You can sign up for an account here.

Once done, you will receive an email with the next steps for setting up your account and integrating it with Checkout by Amazon or other services like Shopify or BigCommerce if needed (this process isn’t necessary if using with Wix).

Step 2: Install The Sezzle App From The Wix App Marketplace

Once you have opened your merchant account with Sezzle, it’s time to install their app from the Wix App Marketplace (which is free).

Search for “Sezzle” in the marketplace or visit this page directly and click “Add” under “Add To Your Site”. You may be asked if you have already set up an account – simply choose Yes if so, otherwise choose No to set up at this time which will allow you to complete the process right within your browser window without having to visit another website (a great feature!).

Step 3: Configure Your Settings

Once installed on your site, open up the settings panel where you can configure additional preferences such as enabling/disabling certain parts of the checkout process (e..g., shipping address entry)

Whether or not discounts are applied during checkout via Split Pay (they usually are not), editing descriptions of how Split pay works on checkout pages:

  • adding custom text above product pages
  • setting various color schemes
  • integrating existing loyalty programs into Split Pay
  • customizing receipt emails sent out upon successful purchases

It’s recommended to explore each of these options before going live with Sezzle on your site – all these options are relatively straightforward (just be sure not to miss any) but they go a long way in creating better user experiences on Sezzle sites!

Step 4: Enable Payment Invoices And Orders In Your Wix Dashboard

The final step when adding Split Pay is going back into your dashboard and enabling invoices & orders from within there – simply click on Invoices & Orders > Settings > Payments > Invoice Payments & Order Payments respectively (or both) then click “Enable”.

This will then allow customers who complete their purchase via Split Pay through one of these invoices & orders which they can then view their dashboard each time they log in too!


Adding split pay options through providers like Sezzle is easy enough if using wick websites – all one needs do is sign up for an account here first then install their app from within wick marketplace before configuring settings accordingly lastly enabling invoice payments and orders.

So, basically covering all key bases when comes to taking advantage of such flexible buying solutions offered by sizzle side potential customers wanting to buy now even though paying part later down line!


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