How To Add Reviews To Wix Website

The internet is full of reviews and ratings. A recent survey found that 92 percent of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase.

With that type of sway, it’s no wonder businesses are taking the time to collect and promote their customer feedback.

For businesses that use the Wix website platform, adding customer reviews is easy and straightforward.

This article will explain how to set up a reviews app, track and display customer feedback, customize your reviews page with custom CSS, use social media to promote your feedback, and test and monitor customer satisfaction.

Integrating customer feedback into your website can be an invaluable asset for your business. But without the technical know-how, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Fortunately for Wix users, there are a few easy steps involved in adding customer reviews to their websites.

With the right tools and techniques, you can quickly bring your site up-to-date with the latest features — including customer reviews — in no time!

How to Set Up a Reviews App on Your Wix Website

The first step is setting up a review app on your Wix website. This is done by adding an app from the App Market on your site’s dashboard or searching for “Reviews” in the App Market. Once you have the app installed, you’ll be able to start collecting customer feedback right away!

Understanding the Difference Between a User and Anonymous Reviews

When setting up a review system on your Wix website, it is important to understand the difference between user reviews (from accounts created on your website) and anonymous reviews (from visitors who don’t have accounts). Anonymous reviews are less reliable than user reviews because they cannot be verified.

However, they are useful if you want to collect feedback from visitors who don’t have accounts or need more detailed information about their experience with your business or product.

Tracking and Displaying Customer Reviews on Your Wix Site

Once you have chosen which type of review system you would like to use, it’s time to start tracking and displaying customer comments on your website. You can do this by creating tabs for different types of feedback (e.g., positive/negative) or by displaying all comments together in one place (e.g., testimonials page).

Additionally, you can also set up custom fields for customers’ details such as names and locations so that visitors can learn more about other customers’ experiences with your product or service before leaving their own feedback.

Adding Custom CSS to Style Your Reviews Page

To make sure that readers find it easy to read customer comments quickly, add custom CSS styling to improve readability by using different fonts, sizes, and colors for different sections of text or using animated effects such as slide-in animations or scrolling effects when new comments appear onscreen.

This will give viewers a better perception of what kind of comments they should expect from other customers before leaving their own thoughts!

Growing Your Presence by Promoting Your Reviews to Social Media

Promoting customer feedback isn’t just limited to displaying them on-site; it also entails sharing them with friends through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter so others can see what others think about your products/services too!

Additionally, this will help boost brand recognition as well as foster goodwill between potential customers who may not have heard of you yet but have seen good things said about you online!

Simply copy/paste snippets of customer comments into posts online or share links directly back to their original comment once posted onto your website – whichever works best for reaching out to new audiences!

Testing And Monitoring Customer Feedback

Finally, in order to make sure that every person’s experience with your product/service is satisfactory – take time out every week or month (depending on how busy things get) to test all aspects of user experience from navigation within the site itself down till commenting/leaving ratings towards products purchased.

While doing so – keep track of any improvements made from user suggestions as well as any issues reported which could cause a loss in sales due to disturbance during the checkout procedure. This way – we’ll be able to keep our users happy with constant monitoring & improvement over time!


Customer feedback has become increasingly important in today’s digital age; companies must take into account what people are saying about them if they want their businesses to thrive online successfully!

For those users looking for an easy way to add & manage customer ratings/feedback on their Wix websites – there are plenty of apps available within the App Market that allow just that with customization options too so no two sites are ever exactly alike!

Lastly – regularly test & monitor all areas where user engagement exists while implementing improvements based on suggestions given by customers themselves – so everyone enjoys using the site & provides accurate ratings towards services provided when leaving comments later down too!


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