How To Add A Popup On Wix

Adding a popup to your website can be a great way of capturing new leads, providing visitor information, or introducing new features. And with Wix, this process is even easier.

In this blog post, we will take you through the steps for adding a popup to your Wix website.

Popups are small windows that open when a visitor visits your website or after they have been on it for a certain amount of time.

Like all dynamic elements on your site, popups can be used to capture attention and guide visitors to the most important areas of your site.

What is a Popup?

Popups are one of the most effective tools for marketing and engagement on any website. They can help increase lead generation by promoting sign-up forms or displaying special offers and promotions. Popups also let you provide helpful information to visitors quickly without leaving their current page.

Why Use A Popup?

There are many benefits of using popups on websites:

  • Increase lead generation with targeted messages
  • Present special offers and promotional deals on brand-new products
  • Share important messages and updates in an eye-catching way
  • Provide helpful information without leaving the page they’re currently viewing

By using popups strategically through A/B testing, you can take advantage of this powerful tool to leverage your customer engagement efforts and increase conversion rates for specific campaigns or products.

Setting Up A Popup On Wix

Adding popups to your Wix website is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  • Log into your Wix account and go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Popups’ in the left side menu
  • Choose from one of the pre-made popup templates or start from scratch by clicking ‘Create New’ at the top right corner
  • You will be taken to a Drag & Drop editor where you can customize the look and feel of your popup including text style, images, videos etc as well as adjust various timing & display settings

Adjusting Your Popup Settings

Once you have designed your popup, it’s time to adjust its settings so you can ensure it displays correctly when visitors come to your site:

  • Select ‘Display Settings’ from the top menu bar
  • Here you can choose when and how often (e.g delay time) the popup will appear when someone arrives at different pages on your site

Customizing Your Popup Appearance

From the same page in the ‘Design Settings’ section, you can customize how it looks:

  • Change existing text fields or add new ones
  • Alter fonts & colors as well as background images

Adding Functionality To Your Popup

If needed, you can also add some extra functionality to make your popup stand out even more:

  • Enable email opt-in forms so visitors can join mailing lists directly from within the popup window
  • Add social media buttons so users can easily share or follow content from their chosen networks

Finally, don’t forget to test out how it looks on both mobile & desktop devices before publishing!


Popups are incredibly useful tools that should not be ignored! Not only do they help capture leads more effectively but they also let you provide helpful info quickly while encouraging engagement with additional features such as email opt-ins & social media sharing buttons.

With Wix, adding popups is as easy as following just a few simple steps!


David Cross

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