How to Add Paypal to Wix

Whether you have an online store or a simple blog website, there is always the need to add payment solutions to your site.

This enables customers or visitors on your site to pay you for goods and services or for donations respectively.

An efficient payment system is key to maintaining a successful business or blog.

PayPal is one of the most popular, secure, and easy-to-use payment solutions that many e-commerce stores and websites use to manage payments.

In this guide, we will show how you can add PayPal to your Wix site in a few simple steps.

Wix is an all-in-one platform that helps individuals and businesses create their own websites with no coding required.

It provides templates, hosting, domains, and more. Adding PayPal to your Wix site will enable customers to make payments through a PayPal account effortlessly.

Benefits of Adding Paypal to Wix

Adding PayPal as a payment option on your Wix store has multiple advantages:

  • Customers trust PayPal as a secure payment solution when shopping online
  • It’s easy for customers to pay with their card details on PayPal without leaving the website’s checkout page
  • Transactions are processed immediately – there’s no waiting for funds
  • You can accept payment globally from any device

Step 1: Setting Up a PayPal Account

To start using PayPal on your website, the first step is creating a business account on their website ( Having an account allows you access to the seller tools which makes it easier to manage customer payments securely and quickly.

You need to fill in information such as business contact details and banking details so they can transfer money directly into your bank account once the customer pays through Paypal on your website.

  • Create an account at
  • Enter company details such as contact info & banking info
  • Link payment options (i.e credit cards) applicable for use with Paypal
  • Read terms & agreements carefully & accept them
  • Verify business email address – this will enable you to receive emails from payers who use the service from time to time
  • After verifying the email address, click activate button & follow the instructions ahead of time
  • If you have any trouble setting up the account contact their support team for help

Step 2: Adding the Required Code to The Wix Website

Now that you have set up your PayPal account, it’s time to add the required code into a website source code editor provided by Wix so that customers can go through the checkout process easily without any issue being created by conflicting codes that may be already present within the same page code:

  • Log into the admin panel & click “Edit Site”
  • Select ” Developer Tools” located at left side menu bar
  • On opening Developer tools click “+Add” button at top right
  • Select the HTML Code option within drop-down menu
  • Copy the code given by PayPal while creating a merchant account & paste into the HTML box

Step 3: Connecting Paypal To Your Store on Wix

As soon as the previous step involving editing the HTML code box is complete, now is time to connect the store or blog with an external/third party i-e Paypal for receiving payments via the same gateway successfully without any failure after completion of the transaction proceedings:

  • Log into the admin panel again & select Options from the left side menu bar
  • Select the Payments tab from the top
  • Choose the “Other Payment Methods” tab
  • Click the dropdown available besides “PayPal” text
  • Select the “Continue” button if the terms are read thoroughly
  • Mention all applicable details linked with the recently created merchant or standard accounts accurately
  • After completing the prior step hit submit

Step 4: Testing The Payment System On Your Website

The last step is testing out your payment system on the live version of your website before going live! You can do this by setting up test transactions using dummy credit cards or using a different browser than what was used when setting up the payment system (so that all cookies have been cleared).

After testing everything out, double-check that all information has been properly entered in both back-end systems before publishing it live!


Adding Paypal as a payment option to your Wix website is quick and easy when following the steps outlined above! With an increase in convenience for customers when checking out, plus increased trust thanks to their secure payment system.

Implementing Paypal could help drive more sales for businesses running off of their platforms. We hope these steps have helped guide users through connecting their sites with Paypal easily!


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