How to Add Instagram Feed to Wix

Are you looking for a way to connect your Instagram feed to your website built with WIX? You have come to the right place!

In this article, we will explain the benefits of adding an Instagram feed to WIX, how to embed an Instagram feed on WIX, and some tips for creating an effective WIX + Instagram combo.

Instagram is a highly popular social media platform that enables users to capture and share photos with friends and followers.

By adding an Instagram feed directly onto your website built with WIX, you can easily showcase the content posted on your account, quickly engage new followers, and build long-lasting relationships with them.

Benefits Of Adding An Instagram Feed To Wix

There are several advantages of adding an Instagram feed directly onto your website:

  • Generating more social proof – Adding an Instagram feed will help you boost your credibility by providing followers with proof that you’re a real person or brand.
  • Increasing engagement – One of the biggest advantages of embedding an Instagram feed directly onto your website is that it makes it easier for visitors to “like” and comment on the photos. This helps promote engagement with other users.
  • Connecting more easily – Once integrated into your website, visitors can immediately access your profile without having to leave the page they are browsing. This makes it easier for users to follow you on other social media platforms.
  • Showing off your best content – By displaying only selected content in a curated gallery format, you can show off your best work and create a great visual impact while keeping visitors engaged and entertained.

Steps To Embed An Instagram Feed To Wix

  • Log in to the Editor: Access the Editor by clicking the ‘Edit’ button from your live site or log in directly from Wix Editor. Select ‘Add Apps & More’ from the left-hand menu of the Editor. Next select ‘Galleries & Media’ then click ‘Instagram Feed’ under Gallery Types .​
  • Configure App Settings: ​You will be prompted to log in with an existing or new account; then enter a hashtag or user ID (which will determine which posts appear in your feed). Select how many images you would like displayed at once (up to 20) and choose how they are ordered – Newest First or Oldest First – then hit ‘Continue’.

Lastly, configure advanced settings such as post size and spacing before selecting ‘Save & Close’.

Tips For Creating An Effective Wix+Instagram Combo

  • Choose Quality Content: Before adding photos to your page, make sure that all images are high-quality and represent what you stand for as a business or brand. You should also make sure that all captions are clear, relevant, and informative as these play a key role in building relationships with followers.
  • Keep It Organized: When selecting which images appear in the gallery, think about creating different galleries according to your interests so visitors can easily find what they want without feeling overwhelmed by too many choices at once.
  • Promote Engagement: Make sure all posts link back to relevant pages on ‘Call-to-Action buttons’ so visitors can easily learn more about products/services offered on their website or take part in special promotions/ giveaways without leaving their current page.


Adding an Instagram feed directly onto Wix can be beneficial as it helps promote engagement with other users, increasing social proof, connecting more easily, and showing off great content.

Follow these simple steps today and get started integrating Instagram into your website today!


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