How to Add Favicon on Wix

Favicons are small icons that appear in browsers to help users quickly identify a webpage.

They are essential for web pages looking to maintain a professional and unified design. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of having a favicon and how to add one on Wix.

A favicon is a small icon that is used by browsers to represent a website or web page. As it is often the first thing that visitors see, it is essential for any website looking to make a great first impression.

With favicons, websites can be easily identified while they are open in the browser, in open tabs, and in saved bookmarks. Furthermore, favicons also play an important role when it comes to branding.

By creating an icon that speaks of the company’s identity and personality, visitors will feel more connected with the brand as soon as they visit the page.

Benefits of having a Favicon

Having a favicon on your website has many advantages:

  • It creates visual consistency that helps visitors recognize your website quickly and easily.
  • It enhances the user experience by making it easier for people to find and identify websites in their browsers or bookmarks lists.
  • It helps your website stand out from others since you can use unique designs and colors adapted to your own brand identity.
  • It gives you an edge when competing with other websites due to its capacity to communicate directly with visitors on behalf of your brand identity.
  • It makes navigating simpler as visitors can recognize their visited websites even if they have multiple tabs open at once; thus eliminating confusion caused by similar site names or sites with similar designs.

How To Create A Favicon?

Creating a favicon can be done in three easy steps:

  • First, choose an image or logo that you want to be displayed as your favicon—it should be recognizable and represent your brand; then save it in either JPG, GIF or PNG format.
  • Secondly, go online and use one of the many tools out there designed specifically for creating favicons from images—these tools usually have options such as resizing images and cropping them into 16x16px squares; you can also create custom icons using pre-made icons available online (e.g., Iconfinder).
  • Lastly, save your icon in ICO format; this is necessary for most browsers since they use ICO files as favicons instead of other formats (although some browsers do support other formats such as GIF or PNG).

How To Add A Favicon On Wix?

Adding a favicon on Wix can be done using two different methods; using HTML code or using Wix’s built-in tools:

Adding A Favicon With HTML Code In Wix: This involves inserting HTML code into the “head” section of each page on which you want your favicon displayed; the code should look like this:

  • <link rel=”shortcut icon” type=”image/x-icon” href=”https://favicon>
  • make sure to replace “https://favicon” with the URL where your own ICO file is located (for example: “https://wwwyourdomainname/favico”)

Then save it once you have finished editing the code so that changes take effect immediately—you should now see your favorite displayed next to each URL associated with Wix when someone accesses them online!

Adding A Favicon With Wix Built-in Tools

You can also use Wix’s built-in tool ‘FavIcon Generator’ which allows users to upload their own files from their device (JPGPNGGIF); once uploaded simply click ‘Generate Icon’.

Wait until the process finishes after which users are able to get their ICO file ready for upload! All done! Your favorite appears next time people access pages associated with this domain name!


Having a FavIcon is essential for any web page looking for better visibility within search engine results in pages (SERPs) as well as providing users with much-needed context regarding what type of content awaits them on the other side.

Whether it’s news stories or product information – making pages easier not only to find but also to stay ahead of the competition’s sites due to immediate recognition provided by personalized visuals associated with site name(s)!

So there you have it – how simple was that? Now get creating those all-important personalized graphics & start building today’s digital presence!


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