Is A2Hosting Good for Hosting WordPress Websites?

Do you own a WordPress website, but you don’t know which hosting service would be the best to use with it? If that’s the case, you arrived on the right web page.

As you can tell from the title, we will discuss a hosting company called A2Hosting. The main subject will be, if A2Hosting is good for hosting WordPress websites. Later in the article I’ll talk about the specific WordPress hosting service this company has to offer.

But before that, we should see what type of hosting service goes best with a website that is using WordPress as its base system.

Different Types of WordPress Hosting Plans

A WordPress website can run on any type of hosting service, but there is a service that works better than any other: managed WordPress hosting.


A2Hosting – WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting, VPS hosting, or other services can handle WordPress, but the managed WordPress hosting service was specifically built for running WordPress on a website. What makes this service the best choice for those who want a reliable WP hosting? Let’s see!

Managed hosting was created so that you (the site owner) don’t have to worry about running the CMS on your website. Everything related to the functioning of the site is handled by the team behind the chosen hosting service.

For example, if a new update to WordPress comes out, you don’t have to update the system yourself. It will automatically be done by your support team. All you need to do, is take care of the site itself. What do I mean by that?

The customization and content management are up to you. This isn’t handled by the team, obviously.

What is another aspect of a managed hosting service? Since the plan is managed by the back-end team, you should be able to easily install WordPress on your site, right? That’s exactly what a managed plan lets you do.

The first method used by most companies is to give the customer the 1-click installation feature. What is this all about? Like you can probably tell from its name, the installation is done with the need of only 1 click.

This feature usually includes other free web apps too, that can be easily installed. So, the process for doing the installation is this one: you find WordPress in the list of available apps. You can find it usually at the top, because it’s the main software the host gives you access to.

Once you found it, the only thing you have to do is click the installation button. That’s literally all there is to it. Everything else will be handled by the host.

There is a second way that many providers use to easily install WordPress for their users. If you think the previous method was totally basic, wait till you hear about this one.

The idea is, that you don’t even have to do 1 click to install the CMS on your system. Once you sign up for the chosen hosting plan, WordPress will be automatically installed on your domain name (you will make the choice if you have more than one).

Both methods are widely used by companies. The first one though is more popular. It even happens that both of these are available. How? First you sign up and WordPress gets installed. Then the 1-click feature is also present, to let you install other programs if you want to.

Now that you know what a managed WordPress plan is all about, we will move on, and talk about A2Hosting.

Why Choose A2Hosting for WordPress?


A2Hosting – Managed WordPress Hosting

A2Hosting is an American company who provides tech services like web hosting and domain names. In the case of web hosting, they have everything a modern hosting provider could offer:

  1. Standard Shared Hosting
  2. WordPress Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)
  4. Reseller hosting
  5. Dedicated Hosting (dedicated servers)

As you can see, A2Hosting also comes with specific WordPress hosting capabilities. Are they good enough? The short answer is yes, definitely. But we should elaborate on this, by discussing what the company has to offer in its WordPress hosting packages.

For start, I should mention that A2Hosting offers 2 different types of WordPress hosting: the first one is shared WP hosting, and the second is managed WordPress hosting. From now on, we will talk about the managed hosting plans at A2Hosting.

These are a little more expensive than the normal shared hosting plans. Even so, they are worth a look. You probably already know that most hosting providers split up their services into multiple different plans. That’s exactly what A2Hosting is doing as well. I will cover all 3 plans in this section separately.


Like the plan’s title suggests, you can have 1 single website hosted using this package. For all your data to be stored on the server, they give you 10GB of storage space. This is more than enough for a single website.

What are they using for storing your site’s information? Latest generation SSD drives. This is great news, because an SSD will load your site much faster than a traditional HDD drive. Your visitors will have the content displayed in the browser even 20x quicker than what an HDD would offer them.

The plan also comes with a free SSL certificate for your site. This feature is quite important, because it gives your website the security it needs. You will also rank higher in the search results, because Google (and other search engines too) give priority to those websites that have SSL certificates installed.

For managing the site, you also need a control panel. A2Hosting comes with one of the best tools for this job. It’s called Plesk. Using it, you can manage the site and all the available features simply in one place. You don’t need to have much technical knowledge for this.

The following bonuses are all present in the plan too: unlimited data transfer, free CDN for faster loading speeds, site staging, free Jetpack license, free site transfer, anytime money back guarantee and free backups made automatically on a regular basis (others charge separately for this option).

All this comes for a monthly $11.99 price. Keep in mind that this plan is a managed WordPress service. For such features many companies will charge higher prices.


As the second plan, it comes for $18.99/month. Is it worth the upgrade? If you own more than 1 website, or you plan to expand your work, it surely is.

That’s because the plan support 3 hosted websites in a single account. The storage space goes up of course. You get 25GB of space on SSD drives. You need more, because they let you host multiple websites using this plan.

All the other features from the previous plan are included in this one too. Let’s see what the last plan will give you:


This is plan really is unlimited, like the name says. Why? The biggest reason for this, is that it lets you host an unlimited number of website in a single plan. This can come in handy for many site owners.

For instance, if you want to grow a business, or you plan to launch multiple new websites to make money, this plan is perfect for you. You can have all kinds of website set up, all running WordPress.

And you know what is the best thing about it? There is literally nothing you have to worry about. All the sites, no matter how many, will be handled by the support team. So, if anything happens with one of them, they will fix it in no-time.

Just imagine if this perk wouldn’t be present in the plan. You’d have to handle the hosting and the websites all by yourself. Not the best way to host a website.

For storing your data, the plan comes with 40GB of SSD storage space. The price for having an unlimited number of WordPress sites available in a single package is a monthly $36,98.


In this article we talked about WordPress hosting services. At first, I told you what the best hosting service is, for handling a WordPress website and what some of the bonuses are with using such a service.

The point is, if you choose to sign up for a managed WP hosting service, your life will be much simpler. After all, all things related to your hosting service and running WordPress efficiently will be handled by the back-end team.

I also talked about the 3 WordPress managed hosting plans from A2Hosting. They include everything needed to host a WordPress website easily and efficiently.

The next step is yours. To be able to make the right decision, just think about what you expect from a reliable hosting service. Also, don’t forget what your WordPress website needs, to work at its peak performance.

All 3 plans will give you the best numbers, but the 1st is better for starters, and the 2nd and 3rd plans for those who already own 2 or 3 websites, or plan to expand to even more.

Keeping all this in mind, you’ll know which plan is best for you.


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