9 awesome indesign tutorials beginners

In our previous article we already showed you 11 awesome Adobe InDesign tutorials that are really worth knowing. We covered the alignment in InDesign CS6, how to control multiple page sizes, how to cut around images, showed useful tips about frames and working with graphics. We also explained how to quickly combine images together with written text, described the typographic tools, usage of initials, a few pro tips, covered how to duplicate content easily and how to create great forms.

In this part we will show another 9 awesome tutorials around the web, so you can learn more and more useful Adobe InDesign features and tips. We will cover how to create simple indexes, create pocket folders, make a good looking brochure, create layout fast, bind books, create a newsprint publication, make a nice calendar, build up a 3D calendar and make powerful business cards.

Creating simple index with InDesign

create simple index indesign

David Donaghy has a step by step tutorial with images on the Creative Bloq’s website where he shows you how to make very simple indexes in InDesign. Creating an eye-catching index can be a bit mind boggling since even designers feel that it can be hard to know where and how to start. In this tutorial David will show you how you can make indexes on restaurants’ menus.

The tutorial contains 10 steps with images, so it is not just professional but very funny to see how a menu card appears in front of your eyes. Check the tutorial.

Creating pocket folders that are print ready and custom made

tutorial print ready pocket folder indesign

You may have not heard of Envato Tuts+’s website before but it is a really useful platform. Some of their tutorials are not for free but you can get a 10-day free trial. If you like what you find on their site you can extend your membership for only $15 a month. Envato Tuts+ offers How-to tutorials, courses and eBooks and some of their content doesn’t require a membership at all.

There is a famous marketplace, called Envato Market where you can find many useful resources for your online presence. ThemeForest is a template paradise for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento themes plus HTML landing pages. CodeCanyon contains many code pieces for programmers for WordPress, iOS and Android, also scripts in PHP, Javascript, HTML5 and Bootstrap.

VideoHive is a place where you can find stock footage, Adobe After Effects logos and intros, templates of Apple Motion, etc. AudioJungle is the home of music and audio fans, and offers many music and sound effects that can be used in films, games or other projects.

GraphicRiver can help the designers and other creative professionals with unique flyers, resumes, logos, banners and other materials. You can find their web 2.0 elements, like icons, templates and other resources.

PhotoDune is a home of royalty free images in many categories, with high quality photos. 3DOcean offers 3D models, textures, base mashes, plugins and other resources for 3D designers and artists.

Envato helps you to create a pocket folder, since if you make it the right way it can be a really powerful business tool. This tutorial will show you how to create one with all of the elements that are needed, to create one from a very eye-catching exterior and to creating a dieline for your pocket folder. In the end it will show you how to save your print ready file to be sent to the printer. Click here to see the site.

Want to create a good looking brochure? This tutorial will show you that in 11 steps

tutorial create brochure indesign

This tutorial made by Nick Cannons on Creative Bloq’s website, introduces you to InDesign’s way to create brochures. He will show you how frame grids can work for you and introduce you to a feature called Balance Ragged Lines.

It is a step-by-step image tutorial and Nick wrote a crystal clear howto again. The instructions are easy to understand and follow. There is no unnecessary blah-blah, just the key elements to be sure you can also make a good brochure at your home or office. Click here for the tutorial.

Want to know how to bind books, here’s a ten step guide to that

book binding tutorial indesign template

This tutorial was made by Karen Lewis again on the great site, Creative Bloq. In this one she explains how you can bind a book. She even gives you tips on how you can make your work more cost effective with stitching and binding techniques.

Karen concentrates on a digital form for your handmade, self-promotional book that will make your work cost effective and it will make it outstanding as well. In a few easy steps you can bind your books together and she will even give some important tips to set up page spread and cover templates in InDesign as well. For this work you’ll need InDesign CS3 or a later version.

The tutorial comes with a ZIP archive, that contains .ai, .pdf and .txt files, related to the learning material. Click here to see the tutorial.

In need for fast ways to create layouts?

create quick layout indesign

This tutorial is by Neshantheny Kumana on Creative Bloq, and it shows an easy way to create simple but nice looking layouts for your work, using InDesign’s Gap tool and Live Corner Effects. The software that is recommended to be used is InDesign CS5-CC.

The project needs about an hour and since there are many supporting images, you won’t have problems following the instructions. There are 10 steps and by following them, you won’t be a layout pro, but you will have a closer view about how to create great layouts, very fast. Check out the tutorial now.

Want to create a newsprint publication in InDesign?

create newsprint publication indesign

Interested in making newsprints? Tim Wan at Creative Bloq explains to you how, in this step-by-step tutorial. He talks about the process of creating a publication, showing how to highlight news article titles and how to target audiences with its cover. It even shows you the thought process and some important aspects to create a well-designed print. The software that is recommended for this is InDesign CS3 and Photoshop CS3 or later. This can take a longer time than the other projects since it needs a longer and more established creative thought process.

The tutorial contains 2 pages and in 10 steps, you can get clear instructions about what you should do and avoid, so you can gain access to a great newsprint publication at the end. As usual, the images focus on key elements and show what to do very effectively. Here’s the link to this procedure.

Interested in making a nice calendar for your wall?

how to design calendar indesign

InDesign is perfect for that too. In only ten simple steps using Scott Selberg’s Calnendar Wizard script, this tutorial by Jo Gulliver at Creative Bloq will show you how to go through this process.

Since creating a calendar takes a lot of cross reference to other files making one can be a bit difficult, but thanks to Scott Selberg there is a pre written JavaScript that can be connected to InDesign, which will automatically arrange the calendar dates for you. This way you will cancel out the possibility to make an error with your dates. All needed files are linked to the tutorial’s webpage, click on the link and follow the instructions.

Similar to most of Creative Bloq’s tutorials, this howto also contains 10 steps and by reading it through, you will be wondering how easy is to create a masterpiece of calendars. Probably, you will never buy a print calendar again but will rather work days or weeks on your own one, to get the best calendar on the Earth. Start making your calendar by clicking here.

Ever thought of making a creative 3D calendar with InDesign? You can do that as well!

create 3d calendar indesign

This tutorial is brought to you by Jo Gulliver at Creative Bloq again, for creating a tabletop 3D calendar, by manipulating cube nets in InDesign. He will show you through X and Y positioning, smart guides, height and width text fields. Usually it is recommended to use Illustrator to create vector based graphics but since this is a simple project, InDesign is great for it as well.

The 10 steps will teach you how to make this 3D calendar, without worrying too much about the details. Click here for this awesome tutorial.

Create a powerful modern business card using InDesign

create modern business card indesign

Adobe HelpX has a really great business card tutorial, as it comes with sample files to start. You should just download the files and open them in Adobe InDesign. As other Adobe learning materials, this howto is also a super clear and easy to do project, another brilliant resource from Adobe.

There are 6 steps but you don’t need to worry that the tutorial is not easy to follow. All steps are covered with screenshots and images, so there is no way to make a wrong action.

By using the attached templates, you should add your own logo and edit the business details. And that’s all! You can have your semi-professional business card only in few minutes. Learn more and check the whole making process here.

Wrapping up

Hope you found these tutorials helpful. If you did, please share it with your friends, and check back later for more awesome tutorial collections.

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