11 Awesome Adobe InDesign Tutorials – Learning the Basics

InDesign is a great platform for creating posters, brochure designs or even newsprints. It has a ton of features so it makes it even more important to get familiar with its capabilities to be able to make the best designs possible. In the following article, we will be sharing the best InDesign tutorials that the internet has to offer, all you have to do is click on the links below the text and you will be redirected to these websites with the tutorials.

1. Alignment in InDesign CS6

Layers Magazine was launched in 2005 by Adobe professionals and fanatics, since then the website became the leading source of Adobe products related news, tips and tutorials. It is a real lifestyle and industry news magazine where members can discuss the newest tools, techniques and tricks with other fans. You can find articles about photography, filmmaking, design and tutorials about Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and InDesign.

Alignment in InDesign CS6 is a video of Jeff Witchel, where he goes through InDesign’s alignment features. With these features you have the ability to make selected objects aligned to each other which is a very basic feature but it is very useful to know as well.

You can watch the video here.

2. Controlling multiple page sizes in InDesign

Creative Bloq is a great site where experienced designers share their useful tips to create anything you might need with all sorts of designing platforms. If you need tutorials about web design, graphic design, 3D and more, you should definitely look around on it. Their site is plain and simple, you can see reviews on it, magazines about different designing topics, and it also shows you works that might inspire you to create something new and great.

In this tutorial they show you how to make book covers picture-by-picture. Back then in InDesign, it was not possible to manage different page sizes in one document, this tutorial shows you how to add spine to a cover design, make gatefold and centerfolds.

For the tutorial click here.

3. Cutting around images in InDesign

Computer Arts is a YouTube channel for people who believe design matters. Creative professionals invite you to enter the world of the design industry. Take a look around their channel if you need more informative tips and tutorials on various designing platforms.

There’s a great video on the channel by Paul Tysall, who reveals how to easily remove backgrounds around images. Click here for the video.

4. How to get yourself around frames in InDesign

This next one is brought to you by the professionals at Adobe. Maybe only a few of the designers actually know that Adobe has its own tutorial site where they teach you the ways into all of their platforms.

Need some help around the many designing platforms of Adobe? Adobe HelpX is the answer, since it contains many tutorials, videos and other learning materials of Photoshop, Reader, Acrobat DC, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Stock, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Muse, Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop Elements. There are cloud related parts on the website as well, like Creative Cloud with new creative tools, Document Cloud with online document services and Marketing Cloud with marketers’ materials.

If you want to create frames from scratch or when you import text or an image into your document, InDesign can automatically create a frame for you. HelpX also has a tutorial for this topic, to see it click here.

5. Tips for working with graphics

This one is brought to you as well by Adobe’s professional designers, and as we have already told you, this site is really helpful in designing, so do browse.

If you need to know a little bit more about graphics, you can learn more in the linked video. This video tells you how you can import photos or text into your InDesign page. This video goes through the following image formats as well: PSD, AI, PSD, TIFF and JPEG. For the link to their video, click here.

6. Need a good tutorial on how to quickly combine images together with written text in InDesign?

This video is brought to you by the same Paul Tysall we have talked about earlier on the YouTube Channel, Computer Arts.

Combining typography and imagery is a simple and cool way to make amazing posters that will tantalize those who see your design if you need to illustrate or give a sneak-peak on a work that is going to be exhibited in a gallery. Check the video here.

7. Good tips for your InDesign typographic tools

The very helping community of Creative Bloq brought you this great tutorial again.

Jo Gulliver gives you ten pro tips for working with texts in a picture-by-picture way. Everyone has their way of creating their own texts and by using the Character Formatting control panel, you can achieve this. The tutorial shows you the ways to make ligatures, underlining, highlighting, nonbreaking, grid alignment, vertical alignment, paragraph breaks and more. Follow the link to the tutorial for a better understanding of this great typographical tool. Click here for the tutorial.

8. Want to make a great initial for your text, maybe want to wrap the text around the initial in various ways?

This is another tutorial on Adobe’s site, which shows you how to create initials that can be wrapped around texts either by a bounding box or leaving the text after your vector object.

The text contains 7 steps which are easy to follow, so you can go through them very easily. As the other HelpX tutorials, this one also comes with crystal clear images and you can download sample files for practice and an InDesign cheat sheet as well.

Read the tutorial by following this link.

9. A few pro-tips from people who wished they had known some stuff about InDesign earlier

Smashing Magazine’s website is one that we have not mentioned yet, but it can be really useful for coding, designing, for mobile apps, graphics and so much more. The websites design is pretty straight forward, so it is pretty easy to find your way around it.

You can find several sections on Smashing Magazine, like Coding, Design, Mobile, Graphics, UX Design and WordPress. Coding section contains tutorials about CSS, HTML, Javascript and programming techniques. In the Design section, you can read about what web design is, responsiveness, how to be up to date in them, everything about typography and some inspirational tips.

Under the strong Mobile section there are many resources related to iPhone and iPad or Android platforms. There are many design patterns available as well.

The Graphics section is one of the most interesting and strongest site sections, since you can find a lot of useful howtos and tutorials for Photoshop and Fireworks. There are wallpapers and freebies as well.

Lisa Valuyskaya wrote a great tutorial for Adobe InDesign. Tips that she wished she had known earlier using InDesign. Either about frames, master pages, margins and bleeds. Click here to see her useful words regarding InDesign.

10. A simple way to duplicate content in InDesign

Here, we have another great tutorial by Tony Harmer at Creative Bloq, but now in video format, where he shows you the benefits of the Content Collector tool. Copy pasting is really useful but it will not do everything for your creative work in InDesign CS6; that’s where Content Collector comes in to help you.

Using this tool will make your process of duplication easier to do between documents or in an InDesign publication. With only a few clicks you can easily copy and paste entire pages.

The tutorial shows 5 steps that are explained well, so you can follow them and apply on your design easily. The embedded video is not so long, and you will have 5 minutes to watch it for sure. So far it was viewed by more than 7000 Adobe pros. Click here for the video.

11. Want to create PDF forms with InDesign?

This tutorial on Adobe’s helping site will teach you how to create PDF forms using InDesign CS6’s Buttons and Forms feature to create interactive PDFs to Adobe Acrobat. Visiting the website where the tutorials are uploaded can be very beneficial, as you can find lessons for creating these text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, list boxes, signature fields, combo boxes and in the end to submit buttons.

Click here to find out more about this.

Need more?

Soon we will publish another great collection of InDesign tutorials. Stay tuned!

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