OpenCart Hosting

OpenCart is a simple, out of the box open source shopping cart software. It is used by many ecommerce websites thanks to its great features such as multiple payment gateway support, multilingual support, custom templates, search engine optimized, printable invoicing system, PCI compliant, and a lot more.

opencart hosting

What to expect from an OpenCart hosting provider?

OpenCart functions on Apache web server, PHP 5.2+ and requires support for MySQLi database. Most web servers should be able to provide you with all these technical requirements, so you don’t have to think of any special or uncommon server setups. Before selecting a hosting provider make sure, that they have enabled or are willing to enable the following PHP libraries for you: Curl, zip, zlib, Mcrypt, GD library, Mbstrings. If one is missing, most likely your online store based on OpenCart will not function.

Ideal hosting plan for OpenCart hosting:

  • optimized server for OpenCart, with all required PHP modules enabled
  • one click software installation option
  • trained support that can help with OpenCart related questions
  • fast and secure server to process online transactions safely

Top hosting providers for OpenCart hosting

#1 InMotion OpenCart Hosting

starting from $4.19 / month includes one-click installation, servers run the latest Apache, PHP and MySQL versions, online tutorials for OpenCart, possibility to add products within minutes.