best cheap hosting for multiple domains and websites

Finding a good web hosting service for your website is always a challenge. It is even harder to find a reliable hosting company at affordable cost. In this article I will show you the 3 best cheap hosting companies for hosting multiple domains and websites.

If you are just starting out and looking to create a website, you should pick a shared host. This type of hosting plan is best for beginners, is a great way to learn how website, web hosting and domain name works and won’t cost you a lot. In fact shared hosting is priced between $1-10 per month, depending on contract period. If you choose to pay in advance for 12 or more months, the cost of the hosting will decrease, while paying on monthly basis is the most expensive.

In the following I will also give you few tips on how to quickly create one or more websites without being a developer or a web designer. There are many tools you can use to make your work easier and it is free or part of your hosting plan. You can use a website builder to design your site or you can install WordPress if you need a blog or a more feature-rich and dynamic website.

If you are only planning to create a website you should still consider choosing a web host that offer multiple domain hosting, because you might change your mind very soon looking to build another site. If you choose a plan that only allows hosting one domain, you will need to upgrade or purchase a new plan. While with multiple domains hosting plans you can add-on as many domains you want and publish as many sites you need.

When picking a web hosting plan, the price is not priority, instead online support, reliability and features are the most important. Of course price come next on the list, and you should care about how much you spend on web hosting. In the following I will help you to find a reliable hosting company, with great support and with the features you need, at the cost you can afford.

Top 3 Cheap Hosting for Multiple Domains

In short, here are the 3 hosting providers that I recommend for hosting multiple domains:

CompanyPromo Price
best hosting for multiple domains$2.75 / mo
best multiple domains hosting$1.99 / mo
best cheap hosting for multiple websites$2.99 / mo

All 3 companies offer one free domain as well allows to host unlimited domains.

Hosting your Websites with quick overviewEhost is a great option for hosting small and medium sized business sites. With you are allowed to host as many domains as websites as you want. The plan also includes unmetered bandwidth and storage space.

Building a website with eHost is also very simple. You can choose to build your site with their professional website builder tool, or you can choose to install a CMS such as WordPress. Certainly you can also upload your own website via FTP or the FileManager. Here is our review on if you want to find our more info and details about this hosting provider.

Create Multiple Sites with quick reviewIpage is another great hosting provider that allows hosting multiple domains. In fact they also have no limit on the number of add-on domains. The iPage Essential Plan offers a free domain, unmetered bandwidth and disk space, so it is ideal for hosting as many domains you want.

With you can upload your own site using an FTP client or using the File-Manager tool. You can also add as many MySQL databases as you like. Beside this, iPage also has a site builder, which unfortunately only allows publishing 6 pages. But you can install WordPress or other CMS to your domains and create as many sites you want on a single hosting account. Check out our detailed iPage review if you want to find out more about this company.

Multiple Domains Hosting with

qick review of hostclear.comIf you don’t want to keep all your eggs in one basket and want to spread your websites over multiple hosting providers, HostClear is definitely a good company to consider. This company also offer a free domain on signup as well unmetered add-on domains, bandwidth and disk space. HostClear has also has a site builder, but you can certainly install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other CMS to your domains.

Custom websites with database can also be uploaded; there is no limit on how many MySQL databases you can add to your account. Certainly the more websites you add to one account the slower your websites will be. In our HostClear review we have covered all details you should know about the company.

Tips to Easily Manage Multiple Domains

If you are only having couple of domains, it is not very hard to keep track of renewal dates and registrars. However if you own tens or hundreds of domain names you will need to find a way to manage, renew and keep track of each domain with minimal effort. In the following I will give you few tips on how to manage your domains.

Use a domain management tool that allows you to keep track of registry date, expiration date, IP address, name server, registrar and more. Here is a list of free and commercial software that could help you out:

When registering your domains, use an email address that you will check on a daily basis. Domain registrars are required by law to send you notification about your domain status. Usually you will get an email address 30, 7 and one day before your domain is going to expire. If you check your email daily, you will not miss any renewal.

Set your renewals to automatic mode. This way you will not need to process each domain renewal manually. Make sure you have sufficient funds on your bank account or PayPal so the payment will be processed and you will not lose your domain.

Make sure that on different registrar you have different user names and strong passwords that you don’t use one other websites. This is very important because domain theft is becoming more and more popular. Although domain registrar make huge efforts on securing their clients domains, it can happen that unauthorized person will access your account. Probably you don’t want to lose your valuable domains.

Wrapping it all up

Above I have shown you the best hosting companies that allow you to host multiple domains and websites. Certainly you can host multiple domains on a VPS account as well, but this will cost you a lot more. A virtual private server plan starts at $20 monthly, but if you need managed service, this price will increase. A virtual server is more reliable and can offer you higher security as well more hosting power but at additional cost. So if you need a cheap solution to host your websites, we recommend the above mentioned companies: eHost, iPage and HostClear.

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