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Arvixe, the hosting company is not specialized in a certain type of hosting service; instead they offer a range of plans that fits any type of hosting requirements, from personal shared hosting through to cloud hosting. Their plans are available on both Linux and Windows operating system, the Windows plan costing more. The customer satisfaction is granted with a 60 days money back policy.

Arvixe was launched in 2003, in Luis Obispo, CA, USA and it is built on a solid ground work and planned growth. The company has been hosting thousands of personal, small business and enterprise sized website from all over the world, and has received several awards being the fastest growing hosting provider.

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Bob Skiba on Oct 30, 2015
Arvixe used to be a reliable, cost-efficient web host. All that changed in 2015. There are frequent down times and customer support is vistually non-existent. After 6 years with them, we have to scramble to find another, more reliable web host. It's a shame.